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The Twelve Olympians - Illustrated Greek Mythology

Hello, Zeus speaking. I'm sitting on my throne way up on the Olymp, reading "The Twelve Olympians: Illustrated Greek Mythology" - and so should you! Well, not that I'll let you sit on my throne, but you can follow the adventures of me and my fellow gods and goddesses that are contained in these 14 illustrated stories. Romance, drama, bravery, despair - these tales have got it all covered for you. And while you're here, you'll also meet some of the mortal heroes of ancient Greece, such as Heracles, Helen of Troy, Perseus and Andromeda, or Achilles and Odysseus. All adventures stay true to the originals as recorded by my good friend Homer, so you'll be able to educate your peasant friends about the fact that I gave Pandora a jar, and not a box, to take to earth with her. Those kind of details tend to impress people. Well I'll go back to work now - I can hear Hera, Athena and Aphrodite arguing from here over some golden apple. Seems like even a god can never have a quiet moment for himself…

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Tales from Japan - Illustrated Folk Tales, Fairy Tales and Mythology

This book is a collection of fourteen traditional tales that are well known throughout Japan. Gods and goddesses, brave heroes and beautiful princesses are the protagonists in these stories, and they are accompanied by 15 colorful illustrations.

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Illustrated Grimm's Fairy Tales

This ebook features 24 fairy tales from the classic collection by the brothers Grimm. It also includes 24 colorful, original illustrations that go along with the stories.

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Norse Mythology - 28 Short Tales from the Poetic Edda (Novella length)

The novella-length compilation of 28 short Norse folk tales keeps the order that the poems are in within the original compilation of the Poetic Edda. It also stays true to the content, without additions or changes to the story line. Some of the tales' events overlap, or are telling another tale slightly differently. This shows how the poems have evolved into other tales, as there are many variations of the same tale within Northern Europe. Our journey begins with stories from Asgard, the world of the Gods, and then turns to look at events in our world, bringing us stories of tragic heroes, cursed gold and - of course - love. 18 illustrations accompany the book.

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The Illustrated Tale of Beowulf (Novella)

Beowulf is the name of the biggest hero in Scandinavian history, and this novella tells his story. Born in Geatland (today's Sweden) Beowulf is a true warrior who, together with his friend Breca, grows up at the king's castle and is formed into a brave fighter.
When he hears about a monster terrorizing the court of the Danes, he decides to set out with Breca and a few men of his own to kill the beast named Grendel. Grendel is lured out of the water by the sounds of warriors feasting and singing, and so Beowulf and his men expect it in the mead hall of the Danes. Beowulf slays the monster, but the nightmare does not end.
Grendel's mother, a mighty water witch, has to be defeated before the Danes can drink their ale in peace again. This and many other adventures of the Geatish hero are retold in this book, accompanied by colorful illustrations.

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White Sails - the story of Tristan & Isolde (Novella)

A child of a passionate, yet short lived and sad romance between a knight and a princess, Tristan of Lyonesse is abducted and later released at the shores of Cornwall.His skills, wit and intelligence enchant King Mark of Tintagel, not knowing that Tristan is actually his nephew. A series of twists and turns brings Tristan to Ireland, where he courts the beautiful Isolde on behalf on his uncle.But on their way home to Tintagel, they accidentally share a love potion that was meant for Mark and Isolde.A painful life of forbidden desire, secret meetings and lies begins for Tristan and Isolde. Tristan seeks to break the spell by joining the Round Table of Camelot, but even the quest for the Holy Grail can not quench his thirst for the love of Isolde. White Sails is based on the Tristan legend of the 12th century. This timeless love story is presented in the format of a novella, accompanied by 19 illustrations that depict scenes from the tale.

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The Falcon, the Eagle and the Queen (Novella)

Full of enthusiasm, prince Siegfried and his friend Wolfhart set out to seek adventures that would make them heroes. But soon, Siegfried faces a test of courage: he loses his best friend and is supposed to become the king of the Nibelungs, the bravest knights of his time. With the Nibelung crown, a magic sword and made invulnerable with dragon’s blood, Siegfried decides to brave yet another adventure of a different kind.
He conquers the heart of the beautiful Kriemhild, and also helps her brother to the woman of his dreams. They all would live happily ever after, if it weren’t for evil Hagen of Tronje. Jealousy and unfulfilled love have him conspire a brutal plan that costs Siegfried his life. But he did not consider Kriemhild, who dedicates her life to bitter revenge. Background: The Falcon, the Eagle and the Queen is based on the medieval poem Song of the Nibelungs. In the format of a novella, both teenagers and adults will enjoy this tale that unfolds accompanied by 20 colorful illustrations.

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Der Falke, der Adler und die Königin

Voller Energie ziehen Siegfried und Wolfhart in die Fremde, um Abenteuer zu erleben. Da wird Siegfried auch schon vor die größte Mutprobe seines Lebens gestellt: er verliert seinen besten Freund und soll dafür unverhofft König der Nibelungen, den tapfersten Rittern seiner Zeit, werden.

Mit der Nibelungenkrone, einem magischen Schwert und durch Drachenblut unverwundbar, macht sich Siegfried später auf, um noch ein etwas anderes Abenteuer zu bestehen. Er erobert das Herz der schönen Kriemhild und verhilft deren Bruder, dem Burgundenkönig, zu seiner Traumfrau.

Eigentlich sollte damit einem Happy End nichts im Wege stehen, wenn da nicht Hagen von Tronje wäre, des Königs rechte Hand am Burgundenhof. Neid und unerfüllte Liebe treiben ihn dazu an, einen Mordkomplott zu schmieden, der Siegfried das Leben kostet. Nur hat er seine Rechnung ohne Kriemhild gemacht, die den heimtückischen Mord an ihrem Mann bitter rächt.

Der Falke, der Adler und die Königin basiert auf dem in Versform geschriebenen Nibelungenlied aus dem 13. Jahrhundert. Als Novelle vorgelegt, ist Der Falke, der Adler und die Königin aber keine reine Nacherzählung, sondern widmet sich z.B. eingehend Siegfrieds Jugend sowie der Geschichte und Motivation seines Gegenspielers, Hagen von Tronje. Die Novelle richtet sich an Leser ab 14 Jahre und Erwachsene. Sie enthält 20 Illustrationen, die den Geschichtsverlauf begleiten.

Text und Illustration:
Mit der Idee, einen unterhaltsamen Einblick in das Nibelungenlied zu geben, der so im Original nicht vorhanden ist, habe ich Der Falke, der Adler und die Königin in ca. 20.000 Worten verfasst. Die Handelnden sollten aus den Versen des Originals befreit und in neuzeitlichen Worten ihre Geschichte erzählen können. Dazu entstanden 20 Illustrationen zur Untermalung der Geschichte.

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