Hanafuda (lit: flower cards) is a traditional japanese card game that dates back to the 17th century. It consists of 48 small cardboard cards/chips. There are 12 suits representing the months, each is themed with a flower and consists of 4 chips. There are many variations of games and they are played by young and old, strategists and gamblers, housewife and yakuza. more info...
January Pine / Matsu
February Plum / Ume
March Cherry / Sakura
April Wisteria / Fuji
May Iris / Ayame
June Peony / Botan
July Clover / Hagi
August Pampas grass / Susuki
September Chrysanthemum / Kiku
October Maple / Momiji
November Willow / Yanagi (my favourite,so all of them are large)
December Paulownia / Kiri

Gypsy Cards / Zigeunerkarten
A deck of Gypsy Cards consists of 36 cards that are originally marked in 6 languages (German, English, French, Italian, Kroatian and Hungarian) and go back to the late 19th century, where they originated
in or around Austria. Gypsy Cards were made for entertainment of the the upper class female society, issues like work or money are not mentioned. Much rather these cards focus on emotional aspects and things that relate to family life.

Desire / Sehnsucht

Falseness / Falschheit

Thought / Gedanken

Thief / Dieb

Visit / Besuch

Love / Liebe

Priest / Geistlicher

Lover / Geliebter

Hoffnung / Hope

Loss / Verlust

Jealousy / Eifersucht

Sadness / Traurigkeit

Child / Kind

Loyalty / Treue