Dream Art
Dreams are interesting, and some of them I have to draw.

A saber tooth tiger came to my rescue when human-faced lions threatened to attack.

An anonymous warrior took care of a ghost who had taken over a man's body. Thanks, strange golden man!

A mysterious black-haired man asked me to follow him. He turned into a black dog with hindlegs that were swollen with disease. "Stay with me until I am dead," he pleaded. Before I could say anything, he had turned into a mummified body.

I was able to fly by shooting beams of light from my palms, yet as I was up in the air, I was shot down by fear.

When I looked into the mirror, I had turned into a lizard!

A spider on the verge of death in a forgotten basement, I still guard my most prized possession: the locket of Catherine Earnshaw from Wuthering Heights.

I was looking at a bunch of mummified people, when I noticed one of them was simply asleep.

I had turned into a lindworm and lived beneath a beach pier.


My pet lion is a little out of control...

Shadow: deactivated

Shadow: activated

That was quite nice, actually.

Self portrait as a Poltergeist

"Pearl of Great Price". The problem is - while it looks like a pearl from above, when you reach it, it is really a skull. Your own skull. Eeeek!