International Creative Surface Designer Exhibition 2011

"The Hangzhou Municipal government and China Academy of Art successfully co-hosted the International Creative Surface Designer Exhibition 2011. This event highlighted the Culture Expo as well as expanded the city Hangzhou’s international impact and laid the foundation of the city as a creative and cultural hub. With the purpose of pushing the creativity industry and hatching various cultural events and expos, China Academy of Art launched a series of exhibitions focusing on creative surface design and a seminar on pattern interpretation and application. On the one hand, outstanding surface designers worldwide got together to communicate and brainstorm on cultural issues. China Academy of Art, on the other, will further enhance the vitality of Hangzhou’s creative economy"

Thank you to the marvelous China Academy of Art for inviting me to participate in this exhibition, and giving me a chance to conduct a lecture on illustration techniques. LOVED it, and had fun.


Hangzhou's Expo Center

Some of my work on display

Lecture to the students

Laughter and new friends!